THE TRANSFORM SOCIAL FOUNDATION, is a private non-profit entity based in civic principles and moral values, acting in good practice, and created to bring social, humanitarian and spiritual support to the Colombian society. We are committed to the community in which we offer alternative programs of integral training, inclusion and participation.

We are forming leaders who are transformed in their character so that in this way they can contribute effectively and actively in the transformation of themselves, their families, their community and the country in general.

Around the central axle of education of leaders as a generator of social transformation, we project strategies of prevention and social outreach that motivate our different programs.


THE TRANSFORM SOCIAL FOUNDATION, a civic, social and educational entity, has been created with the purpose of assisting and providing social, humanitarian and spiritual support to the Colombian society, without differentiating in social class, race, creed or political thought. These are focused on educating, forming and transforming the minds and hearts of people, a process with criteria of excellence in its application, and that will permit the development and sustainable growth of the organization in the long run.


To generate a great social impact; aiming to be one of the most important and prestigious organizations in the Department of Valle del Cauca, with an excellent position in the national and international areas.