The Transform Social Foundation is a private non-profit entity that is committed to providing programs for education, protection, inclusion and participation, and to forming leaders who are transformed in their character so that in this way they can contribute effectively and actively in the transformation of themselves, their families and their community and country in general.

It was founded in 2006, implementing the program Feed My Sheep (AMO in Spanish) with children between 6 and 13 years old who are in especially difficult conditions and in psychological risk in the Comuna 20 in Cali, a vulnerable population that is characterized by extreme poverty, little schooling and severe unemployment.

With the creation of the “My Strength” Guesthouse, in association with the Christian Community of Faith church (ICCF), a church recognized for its social work, began its commitment to the community, offering programs of education, protection, inclusion and participation in order to form leaders that will reproduce themselves in others.

Currently we have four social work units through which we cover children from a young age, schoolkids in elementary schools in vulnerable areas, single mothers, young people from various urban groups, native communities of the nation and the local community in general.