Part of our social responsibility is to provide places in the community where we motivate and support projects of social outreach as a means of helping form agents of change.


The social outreaches include local, national, cross-cultural and international missions, through which we serve and train the community so that they in turn can teach others, and care for children.


Love Day, a day of love and service to a specific community in the city, where we spruce up the environment and we give care, groceries, hygiene kits and much love from our volunteers.

Love City Fest, a unique event that seeks to unify, spread and integrate our youth through different urban expressions like street workout, parkour, skateboarding and urban dance as well as artistic expressions like graffiti and theater.

The great banquet, a day of love and service to a community of homeless in the planchón sector of Santa Elena.

Christmas is Giving, through which we give smiles and a gift to children that live in especially difficult conditions at Christmastime.


Amazon Mission, Katío Mission, Pacific Mission y Putumayo Mission,  in which we offer training to the locals to lead their community, forming them in the ability to lead their own projects for the good of all. We provide medical brigades, groceries, clothes and activities for the children.


• Missionary Yubeli Pérez in Burkina Faso (West Africa), for 5 years she has worked in a village close to the border with Benin, serving handicapped children and adults, by providing holistic assistance and helping them to find a place of dignity within their community.

Missionaries Eze and Ana María Icazatti in Corrientes-Argentina (South America), who work in evangelistic strategies for a postmodern world through their professions.

Missionaries Andrew and Bethany Case in Equatorial Guinea (Africa), who work in Bible translation and scripture use for three minority language groups.

Missionaries Fernando and Natalia Sousa (Brasil), they support ministries to restore for women and girls of prostitution.

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